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Africans have Skill Deficiency


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Bring Coding to your School

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Bring Coding to your School

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Why CodeCradle?

We started out by questioning the way things are done in Africa and being single-minded in our determination to improve them. We are a corporation focused on harnessing the power of Software, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality, data science, cloud computing, 3D Animation & Gaming to drive creativity, sustainability and growth for Africa. We have decided not to do this alone! this is why we teach Africans how to code by developing systems and structures that personalizes code learning & encourages Africans to pickup a tech skill with the aim of producing tech innovators. We're on a mission to setup Tech Hubs in major cities in Africa. We're passionate about solving the problems in the African educational system where graduates don't have the skill-set to handle ICT projects after school; we're partnering with Schools to introduce Computer programming to their students. We're the creators of the internet management engine(deployed in 2016) called Grid Data Manager which makes internet more accessible, we're tech innovators!

Unemployment rate in Nigeria has risen to 14.4% and over 200 million Africans between the age of 16 and 28 have skill deficiency. This is a major challenge for the growth of Africa and improvement of the SDG. This challenge can be traced to the kind of educational system we practice which is preparing students for the stone age. The world has grown, economies are leveraging on technologies to drive affairs but educational system remains the same. There is a need for a change in system. one that prepares students to be able to fit into the present system, one that encourages students to be employers of labors and create jobs. Today’s businesses and organisations are gradually breaking out of the regular brick and mortar kind of operation and marketing. Over 87% of businesses are leveraging on ICT to drive sales and processes (both private and government organisations). Some businesses have even altered their process to accommodate ICT as this will increase turn over and convenience for customers. This trend is also observed in Startups today; Irrespective of the industry sector (Agriculture, medicine, media, etc.), entrepreneurs are leveraging on ICT to drive the affairs of their business. In recent trends, having a responsive website is a form of branding and over 91% of companies want to get a website. This poses an opportunity as over 1.4 million jobs will be created in the computer science space for the next 10 years but only about 400,000 graduates will be qualified for this jobs. This leaves a deficiency of over 1 million jobs. This deficiency is a result of the poor structure and processes adopted by our educational system; the orientation given to a regular African kid is what’s next after graduating from University id job hunting which frustrated over 200 million African youths today as they have been unable to get jobs due to skill deficiency; they not employable.

We believe there are a few more direct pathways to opportunity than our conventional education. That’s because a young person’s education can lay the foundation for a brighter future of economic possibility and societal well-being. Yet for too many people in Africa, quality education is out of reach—leaving students unprepared for life and work, and parents unsure how to access quality education for their children. We know there is no panacea to address the complex local education challenges that exists but by focusing on improving student learning outcomes, we can begin to address some of the greatest and most persistent unmet needs in education in Africa. We consider critical thinking and building competencies like communication, collaboration, and creativity—as well as character qualities like adaptability, initiative, and curiosity—important parts of skill development. We aim to bring accessible, equitable, and scalable quality ICT training; programming classes, motion graphics & Animation class, Networking, Systems Architecture, Robotics etc. to young people in Africa. We have divided our operations into two; the Instructor Program for Teenagers and Youth (between the ages of 17 to 35) and operations with Primary and Secondary school in Africa (between the ages of 5 & 16). Our operations are strategically positioned to improve learning and employment opportunities


  • Cradle Challenge

    24th Aug 2018
    10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Riverside School, Berger, Lagos-Nigeria

  • Hour of Code

    Dec 2018
    10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Lagos, Nigeria

  • Cradle Annual Conference

    Nov 2018
    10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Lagos Preparatory School


    We have put together over 100 computer programming courses,
    simple and tailored to help you get started!


    Introduction to Programming,Variables, Events, Control statements, sound, paint editor.


    HTML,CSS & Javascript

    The look and feel of developments, user interface, user experience and Design.


    3D Animation & Gaming

    Scratch, Unity Game Engine, Maya, Zbrush, Adobe After Effect, 3Ds Max, Photoshop.


    Network & Security

    Database structuring, networking & Security.


    Languages & Frameworks

    C programming, C++, C#, JAVA, PHP, Phython, React, Ruby & Rail, Laravel, Atom, React, Angular JS


    Artificial Intelligence/Robotics

    Machine Learning, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence



    why introduce coding to primary and secondary?

    Computer science opens more doors for students than any other discipline in today’s world. Learning even the basics will help students in virtually any career—from architecture to zoology.

    Just as we teach students how to dissect a frog, or how electricity works, it’s important for every 21st century student to have a chance to design an app or an algorithm, or learn how the Internet works

    What drives us as Trainers?

    After a poll organized by CodeCradle research team, we found that 8 out of 10 parents want schools to teach computer science - so our children grow up not just using technology but learning how to create it. In fact, among low-income families, the majority of parents and teachers believe the computer science should be required for students to learn!

    How do i bring Coding to my School?

    We need to move beyond basic technology education and offer coding to our students in primary and secondary. One approach is to partner with CodeCradle. So if you are a School owner, head of school, management, teacher, you can speak to us to organise the free "Hour of Code" in yourschool.

    Our program consisted of an innovative approach to professional development, curriculum, and promotional materials.

    What kind of Schools can sign up?

    Any kind of school can sign up; private or government schools. We believe irrespective of the kind of school attended by an African student/pupil, every one should have access to an adequate computer science training












    Meet Iyanuoluwa

    Meet Iyanuoluwa; a 7year old female programmer just learning HTML . She's focused on building her personal website! A site where she can express herself more!

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    See their serious!

    You see what they've achieved within a very short period of time, you then wonder why we've not been actively moving in this direction as a continent! Meet the 7 year old developer, Joba and his team(pupils of Berkeley Science Magnet, Ogudu GRA, Lagos-Nigeria @berkleyacademy ), having a brainstorming session! The synergy they exhibit, simply Priceless!

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    See their seriousness!

    Meet Oreoluwa

    Meet Ore, a Female Programmer in the #SummerCodeClass organised by Christ Church, Gbagada @rccgchristchurch . She has shown so much enthusiasm for tech and commitment to creating her own technology! She was able to display her critical thinking skills and an understanding of the concept for computer programming! She is a #CradleProgrammer

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    About CodeCradle

    We are a corporation focused on exploring the powere of Software, ai, cloud computing, data science to drive growth for Africa. We've decided not to do this alone, we teach coding!